Advocacy – Project Homecoming works with the family members of those missing in action to locate remains and navigate through government bureaucracy to recover, identify, and return the MIA's home. Project Homecoming is a non-profit and will never charge families for these efforts. However, we do rely on the generous donations of others.

Search Effort – Project Homecoming is committed to finding those missing in action both in Asia and in Europe. We locate remains through research, utilizing the latest technological advances, and through cooperation with local governments and native inhabitants. We do not disturb or recover located remains ourselves because we believe that the recovery process itself is the sole domain of our government.

Education – The primary mission of Project Homecoming is to raise public awareness of the urgent need of recovery of MIA remains. Recoverable sites are disappearing due to extreme tropical weather, development and urban expansion.

Government Outreach – Project Homecoming understands a major component of increased recovery efforts is the need for increased funding for the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency, the governmental Agency responsible for actual recovery and identification. We are committed to work for greater support from our elected officials to improve the recovery rate.