How to Get Involved

Conscience requires faster action and common sense says it must start with us, the public. We need your help in energizing the public to get the recoveries funded, and in locating the missing ourselves until the government steps up to it.

We need your help to get the word out to friends. We need the support of everyone if we’re to succeed. While no one that hears the story of our forgotten missing is left unmoved, we can’t progress in energizing the public and the government until we are more widely recognized. So, we need your help in getting our story out. Only once we can say we speak for large numbers will the missing get the attention they deserve.

We need your help to influence government action. We all know that the scale of this job requires the Government’s leadership. And to get that leadership our representatives need to know you and your friends think it matters that we bring our missing home. Please let your representatives in Washington know the issue matters to you. Please do so, and us our convenient tools to urge others to register their concern too.

It doesn’t cost much to aid in recoveries. Contributions of any size are welcome. Given our low cost and all volunteer staff a dollar goes a long way in our project. For your tax deductible $100 we can have a villager seek sites for a week. For $500 we can run newspaper ads seeking crash witnesses in Europe or equip a scout with the necessary technology to report and validate a site. For $2,500 per hour we can rent a helicopter in inaccessible areas and, for perhaps $25,000 we can, on average, find a wreck and the possibility of remains. Please visit donate whatever you can. For comparison’s sake the Military spends roughly $1 million per recovery. We leave all sites untouched, reporting all results to the Military. Please join us in locating these Missing and advocating for their families. It's the least we can do.